Many decline to answer questions about why they chose the

With extensive water features and Disney style night lighting, this elegant five star resort opposite an extensive sandy beach attracts lots of families, yet manages to stay peaceful. The well equipped children’s play area, with its own pool, is cleverly tucked away from the main buildings to limit noise. Family, mansionette and bungalow accommodation choices will appeal to those with children.

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I can see calling something “unfun” or “broken” maybe but

I hated it when it was my turn. Filibustering Congressmen have nothing on my dad I would stand and fidget, moving my weight from one foot to the other, as he launched into story after story: tales of supporting his family “back home” when he was my age, why a solid education was incredibly important, why one couldn’t let discrimination get in the way of their goals. Really, the list covered everything from good hygiene to financial literacy..

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First of all, unless Nora Ephron decides to direct Tango Cash

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And that nineties version was just the first of a whole

What was different this time is that after some early defensiveness, a lot of Republicans embraced the label and even ratcheted it up a notch. “We’re not just the party of no,” Rush Limbaugh said, “We’re the party of hell, no!” and Republican leaders quickly adopted the line. That extra word shifted the meaning of the phrase it no longer suggested just opposition to particular bills and programs but unapologetic and resolute defiance..

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